Welcome To NeuroFit360

Our Mission

NeuroFit360 exists to challenge the status quo. Our mission is to use skilled physical therapy interventions to push the boundaries of preconceived notions towards physical abilities after severe neurological injury. We aim to provide evidence based neurological rehabilitation to improve the quality of life for individuals with neurological injuries, ranging from stroke or spinal cord injury to traumatic brain injury or cerebral palsy. With faith and perseverance, we aim to achieve results and turn any bit of potential into progress


Turn Your Potential Into Progress at NeuroFit360

For a Physical Therapy guided recovery with everything from walking & balance to strengthening & flexibility programs, please give us a call!

Why Choose NeuroFit360

Physical Therapists are the absolute experts in how the body moves, functions, and heals. The Physical Therapists at NeuroFit360 are no exception and have the added benefit of experience with rehabilitation of neurological injuries. Our Physical Therapists can design a plan of care that is unique to each client and their goals, based on in-depth knowledge of joints, musculature, body systems, and pathophysiology. We have the skills to assist you in achieving your maximum potential in or out of your chair. Under the guidance of a Physical Therapist, you will be able to perform intense exercises out of your wheelchair that would not be safe in other settings.
At NeuroFit360, we believe in thinking outside of the box. We safely use cutting edge therapeutic techniques that other healthcare professionals shy away from. We will never be afraid to get you out of your wheelchair and moving. We will never be afraid to push your boundaries in order to get to your desired goals.
We strongly believe that Faith and Perseverance yield results. Each and every staff member at NeuroFit360 is invested in your success. We take the time to get to know what goals are most important to you and how your body responds to our therapeutic interventions. We will be there to guide you through your recovery journey. This journey will not be short and it will not be easy, but with continued faith and perseverance in our services and your hard work you will see results.
Recovery from neurological injuries can be a lengthy process and this process can be cut short by limitations placed by insurances. NeuroFit360 exists to provide clients discharged from Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (IRF), Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), and/or Outpatient PT Services a chance to continue their recovery process. Insurance may limit coverage from these types of services, but we don’t let that limit your possibilities of your recovery or potential. NeuroFit360 can be a continuum of care and fill the gap between discharge from traditional PT and a fuller recovery.

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