In September of 2012 my son Ryan suffered a stroke while driving home from his job as a photographer for Walt Disney World. He managed to make two calls to his father and to 911, before he tried to get out of the car. Ryan did not realize he lost the use of the entire left side of his body, and fell into the roadway. Two amazing people picked him up carried him to the side and waited with him for EMS. The paramedics arrived quickly and took him straight to the best stroke center in Orlando. He was given a shot quickly enough to resolve the clot but the damage was already done. He had no use of his left side. After receiving the call we rushed from our home in Cooper City Florida to be with him at the hospital. We spent a week at the hospital in Orlando.  A young female physical therapist started working with him the next day and was amazing. Once he was able to be transported by ambulance Ryan transferred to Memorial Hospital in Hollywood, Florida where his doctor practiced.  He spent approximately one month at memorial where he was treated by wonderful doctors, nurses, and therapists.

We were told by them and the insurance company to choose an at home therapist. We tried a couple but found them to be a total waste of time. We then tried the physical therapy clinics which were not any better. Most simply closed the window if you asked them about stroke therapy. We were totally at a loss trying to find helpful therapy for our son. A dear friend who was wheelchair bound, who has since unfortunately passed away, told us about an amazing therapist in west Pembroke Pines that had helped her tremendously. We made an appointment to meet him and do an initial assessment.  We were very impressed with the facility, the equipment and especially the owner Guy and his therapy crew. We quickly became part of the family of several people who had similar situations. Guy very quickly had Ryan up and walking. First with a cane and then by himself. We were so excited by his progress, but unfortunately he suffered a major medical setback. His stomach failed and had to be removed and replaced with part of his intestine.  This was only the beginning of a long journey of medical issues that left him weighing 74 lbs and seriously depressed. We were forced to keep him from therapy until he gained sufficient weigh to have the energy to workout. Eventually, at over 100 lbs we returned to Neurofit360 to hopefully get back to his previous strength. Guy and his crew welcomed us back with open arms. The atmosphere at the gym is so positive caring and fun that Ryan loved to go to workout. Guy and his wife Marsha believe so strongly in the recovery of their clients that it truly becomes a reality.

Today, Ryan is a happy strong young man who walks at home with no help, uses a cane when we leave the house and does amazing things at Neurofit360. We are happy to be part of this happy rehab family. We know with continued hard work with them he will be 100% better.